My, How Things Have Changed

Unrelated Notes

What's a CD?

I came across this interesting foreword to a book I hadn’t looked at in several years, “The NPR Guide to Building a Classical CD Collection” by Ted Libbey. The book was published in 1999, so the statement in the first paragraph regarding audio CDs being “essentially the only medium” for music delivery was then mostly accurate. The writer goes on to say that “the Compact Disc is now what is called a “mature” technology. It is also the backbone of the music business, a $40 billion-a-year behemoth”.

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Where Did The Time Go?

Fast forward 20 years, and as we all know it ain’t true no more! Streaming and downloadable music are now the dominant ways for consumers to purchase music.

To be honest, I still purchase CDs more than downloadable media and will likely continue to do so for artists whose work I enjoy and admire. The cases look good lined up in my storage shelves and they’re handy as backups if my hard drive ever crashes. And they’ll be particularly convenient if my computer is ever hit with an EMP. But then again, after that, my CD player probably won’t work either, so perhaps I should start buying vinyl and wax cylinders.