Studio Dreams Realized

Unrelated Notes

A Confession: I've Got GAS

Being a musician, I’m naturally afflicted with gear lust, or as some affectionately label it, gear acquisition syndrome (GAS for short). From the first time I saw a synthesizer back in the golden age of 1980s synth-drenched music, I’ve wanted as many as I could afford to buy, which for a long time wasn’t many.

Back then, daydreaming as any kid does, I visualized having a room full of keyboards with me in the center surrounded by stands stacked 3 synths high. Although hopeful, I figured the odds of that happening for me were slim.

My synth beginnings were humble, but over the years, I’ve bought and sold a lot of gear, attempting to build a well-rounded synth studio. As with most things in life, it is ever evolving and growing with the latest setup being one in a long line of different arrangements.

I Thought It Would Never Happen

The synths may not be stacked 3 high, but a studio like this was only a dream when I was kid, something I thought would never happen, a goal likely out of reach. It may have taken a couple of decades to get there, but this is one dream that continues to come true. And for that I’m thankful.

‘Til next time!